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On the 26th of October, 2018, the Centre was on a day out with the children at the Fun-Factory situated at Lekki, Lagos State. The children, staff, and parents got to the venue in the morning. The children were monitored by their supervisors and were later introduced to different activities such as the motor-ride, canoe swing, jumping on the bouncing castle and trampoline. The therapists and parent were not left out of the fun as they participated in canoe and gyro-swing. The day was packed with so much fun for everyone. At the end of all activities, the children rested and were served their meal. Everyone had fun as the day was rounded off.


The fourth edition of our free consultation came up on the 17th and 18th of August, 2018. It was a groundbreaking record as parents with their wards turned up massively which resulted to a mammoth crowd. The programme came about as a result of enquires from the huge number of families with children living with disabilities that cannot afford services to help their children live more fulfilling lives. Consequently, people approach our Centre daily for help. We concluded that the best way to help is to give the parents the skills that they can use in the home environment to support their child. The next step was to get the families together. It was aired on radio stations, and social media was not left out as part of our efforts to bring this laudable programme to all and sundry. Expectedly, people began to arrive as early as 6 am for a program billed for 9 am. They came from places as far as Badagry, Ondo, Ibadan, Ijebu- Ode, Akure, Abeokuta as well as the inclusive schools. The response was overwhelming. Staff were on ground to get the venue ready, and to receive the participants who were already too eager to be attended to. Consultants and volunteers also came in one after the other and started work immediately. Notably, Emina Cerimovic a Human Right Watch Official flew in all the way from the New York City. Others came from the United Kingdom and other parts of Lagos to lend their support to this laudable programme. The first port of call was the registration stand, where we had as many as eight to ten staff in charge of registration. Then the participants and their children began the day with the staff asking preliminary questions about their children to know which one of the consultants they needed to see. These ranged from Occupational Therapist, Speech Therapist, Behavioural, Counseling, Pediatrician, Educational Diagnostics, Audiologist, Nutritionist, Psychologist, and the Psychiatrist. On the first day, there was a large crowd of about 200 people, and 50 were turned back at the gate due to time constraints, that is, there would not have been enough time to see them one on one since they came late. They were told to come back the following day. Day two was equally crowded from statistics. However, some people could not wait to see the therapists because the day was far spent. A total of 346 persons were seen by therapists during the 2-day outreach program. Those present were separated into groups: Down syndrome, Autism, and Cerebral Palsy, hearing impairment and speech-related problems, and medical issues which ranged from issues with sight, hearing, mobility, sensory – all combined in a child; also seizures and mental retardation. On the whole, 103 cases of Autism were treated, 126 cases of Cerebral Palsy were also dealt with, while 13 of Down syndrome cases were seen. However, those with Hearing Impairment numbered 13, Speech Delay 76, and there were 6 medical cases and Vocation 9. Those with nutritional needs were told the kinds of foods to eat and what to avoid, while the Psychologist worked on the importance of their roles as parents, and how to handle their children with disabilities. As a follow-up, they will be added to a WhatsApp group so as to enable us to follow the progress of their children as well as inform them of what will further help them to acquire more skills on caring for their loved ones living with disabilities. Also, there will be quarterly workshops organized for parents of individuals living with Autism so as to keep them in tune with ongoing trends in the field. Most of the adults that came for the programme were advised to go for vocational skills and many of them were referred to Champions Vocational Centre, while others participant with other developmental challenges were placed on referrals to various places for intervention programmes that suit their challenges. Apart from the free consultation from the consultants, the crowd was treated to sumptuous meals, for which they were grateful. A lot of them acknowledged the fact that it was a laudable event and would love to have a repeat of it.


Talent in Autism show is an annual event organized by our Centre, and was held at ‘The Incubator’ on Yesufu Abiodun Street, Victoria Island Lagos, on the 10th of December, 2017 at 2.00pm. The theme was: At ‘The Master’s Feet’. The programme started at exactly 3.06pm with an opening prayer and recitation of the national anthem was done by Abiodun Trombi, one of our adults at the centre. There was also Bible reading by Valentine Oronsaye, an old student. The welcome address was given by Master Odinaka, one of our students, followed by Mrs Oyawoye’s opening speech. Presentations were made by our children and the invited guests thus: Bata and Yoruba dance, choreography by Iroko group, piano presentation by Moniyi of Mojams Band, dance presentation by Blue,Yellow and Pink classes, Hausa dance by Orange class, the Igbo dance presented by Emmanuel and friends, and recitation of memory verse by Odinaka.Emem Obong and Valentine also did live paintings on the canvas. There were solo piano presentations by Odinaka Ozor, Tomiwa Adenuga and Oreofe Osisami. A song and piano presentation was done by Ebuka and friends; while Patrick’s staff made a presentation of a short play. Delegates from Media Houses such as NTA 2 Channel 5, NTA 10, ONTV and AIT were all present to cover the event. Mrs Joyce Onafowokan, the Special Adviser to the Governor on Social Development was also present to give an address on behalf of the Lagos State Government. Our children’s art and craft works and vocational materials such as belts, ankara beads, pottery cups, neck beads, beaded purses, paper bag and coconut shell bangles were displayed and some were sold; while Emeka Ahubelem and Ogieva Aruede, made a presentation on past event dates . The Proprietress and some of the parents were interviewed on this special occasion. The programme was really an interesting one and everyone present had a nice time. The event was brought to a close at exactly 6.05pm with a vote of thanks by Aunty Anu, and Oreofe said the closing prayer. View Gallery


Our monthly training, in partnership with Pure Souls Learning Foundation, was held on 23rd September, 2017 on the topic Sensory Processing Disorder and Motor Skills..  The training is aimed at educating the parents and caregivers on how to manage children with Autism Spectrum Disorders and other related developmental disorders. The training started with the introduction of Mr. Akinelure Abimbola, the facilitator, by Mrs. Aanu Senbanjo. The topic was divided into three sub-headings: -FINE MOTOR SKILLS The facilitator explained the effective use of hands in engagement of activities.  He said that among the fingers, the thumb performs the most important functions in the areas in the areas of writing, holding small items, eating, cutting papers, using computer keys etc.  He explained the fine motor of a child in the normal developmental age and that of a child whose developmental skills are not age-appropriate.  He advised the parents to have lego rooms for their children, as hand manipulation is very important for the fingers. -PHYSICAL AND MOTOR DEVELOPMENT (GROSS MOTOR SKILLS) He explained that movement is very important for children, and that playing is a very important activity for the children.  He further explained that gross motor focuses in developing fine motor skills and that one of the important principles of motor development is the readiness of the child; hence parents should not force any child to do activities against their wish.  He further advised parents to be directional in anything they do with the children. -SENSORY PROCESSING DISORDER He explained this as a condition in which the brain has trouble receiving and responding to information that comes in through the sense.  He said that some children with sensory processing disorder are oversensitive to things in their environment; hence heavy work is important because it helps them to burn out energy. In the question and answer session, a parent asked what common assessment he could carry out at home. He answered that the common assessment at home is to always observe the children at home.  Another parent asked what he should do when a child of 5 years is doing what a child of 2 years should be doing.  He answered and said he should understand that that child has a challenge, and that parents should not compare their children’s abilities with other children. In conclusion, Mrs. Akande advised the parents on how to deal with children.  She said that many of the children are highly intelligent, and that they should tap into their abilities. The program ended at 1.30 pm.  19 parents were in attendance. Light refreshment was served, and it was followed by a group photograph of the participants.


Last year, the Talent in Autism show, our annual event, took place at the Lagoon Front Event Centre in Marina, on the 11th of December. The event kicked off with an opening prayer by a staff, Mr. Olufunmbi, followed by the Anthem led by a student, Abiodun Trombi. An exciting rendition of the song “What a Friend we have in Jesus” was performed by the staff (including the Proprietress). The Bible reading was taken by Chidinma, a former student, now an Assistant Therapist. Presentation by our children included dances by the Blue, Yellow & Pink classes; recitation of memory verse by Bose; song by Oreofe and Friends (titled Celebration) and a piano presentation by Tomiwa. Last but not the least, Emem Nkana also presented an overwhelming live painting on canvas. The invited guests were not left out. Ebuka and friends thrilled the audience with a song and piano presentation, while the Down Syndrome Foundation presented a colourful and touching drama. The event was covered by PHD Media. Celebrities in attendance included Nnenna from Wale Adenuga Production, Monalisa Chinda (a Nollywood actress) and Emem Isong (a Nollywood film producer). A documentary on various interviews with our parents was also showcased. The event was capped with the auctioning of our children’s art works, poetry presentation by a student of the University of Lagos (UNILAG), and most remarkably, Emeka, left the crowd in awe with his accurate knowledge of calendar dates.   It was indeed an enjoyable time for everyone. Ayomide Akande gave the vote of thanks, while Mrs. Essien (our school Administrator), said the closing prayer.


It was a wonderful experience at this year’s summer camp (ijebu-ode). The children had so much fun in areas of social activities, vocational activities, morning fitness exercises, cognitive development, self help and motor skills. They had their daily evening physical activities at Otunba Dipo Dina International stadium in Ijebu-ode. They were engaged in physical activities like, throwing and catching of balls, kicking balls to a goal post, kicking and picking of ball from a long distance and batting of ball. The children visited Round fun spot at Obasanjo presidential Library, Abeokuta where they made use of the fun gadgets. They also danced with their peers and staff of the fun centre. Gifts were given to the best dancers. It was a good experience for the children to learn, and they all had fun outside their school and home environment.


The cultural day celebration was held on the 30th of September 2016. It is an annual event at the Centre. The event is organized to promote social interaction and cultural norms and values among our children at the Centre. This year’s celebration was fantastic as the children had a fun filled day with an amazing cultural outlook.  The children were dressed in their different cultural attires, in fact it was a memorable day for the children. The day’s event was successful for the children, parents and the therapists, as everyone got to partake in the cultural dance presentations from their respective tribes. Parents and therapists also provided answers to various questions concerning their cultures, and all the winners received great prizes. Finally the celebration ended with group photograph to store the memories of the event.


Our 10th year anniversary was celebrated at Harbour Point in Victoria Island Lagos, on the 11th of September, 2016. The program was a significant one, to celebrate our achievements in the past 10 years with parents, families and friends of the Centre. It was also used as an opportunity to raise funds for our permanent site. The celebration kicked off with an opening prayer and cocktail hour, whereby guests mingled and got to know each other better. Apart from old and current parents, other guests included celebrities such as Kate Henshaw, Nicky Laoye and Michelle Dede who came to show their support for the Centre. In the course of the program, Mrs. Akande narrated the history of Patrick’s and its achievements thus far. An interesting video featuring testimonials from the Centre’s old and current parents was presented, as well as an inspirational dance drama performed by some of the children at the Centre. The fund raising activities started with sales of female outfits made by Vlisco; all the pieces were successfully auctioned off. Paintings done by our talented children were also put up for auction, while guests were treated to a lavish dinner. At the end of the programme, Mr. Akande thanked everyone for coming to support the Centre, after which the guests were treated to good music for dancing till the end of the program.

Talents In Autism Concert and Award Presentation

Our major event for this term was Talent in Autism Concert tagged TALENT IN AUTISM SHOW and award presentation on the 11th December, 2011 at the INCUBATOR, Victoria Island, Lagos. The event started at about 3pm with an opening prayer said by Mr. Adeeko Olufunmibi, a staff of PSLC. Thereafter National Anthem was rendered by the children from the centre followed by Bible reading by Master Ebuka Obiagwu, a 5years old pupil of PSLC. The event was graced by Her Excellency (Mrs.) Adefulire Adejoke Orelope, Deputy Governor of Lagos State who was duly represented by Mrs. Alaba Fadairo, the commissioner for Women Affairs and Poverty Alleviation, a Nigerian actress Monalisa Chinda amongst others were present on the occasion. The audience was thrilled by the children’s performances starting from alphabet display, recitation of memory verse, playing of the keyboard, drama and dance. Also the staff of PSLC was not left out as they came out to entertain the audience with their dance performance. To spice up this event the attendees/participants were treated a sumptuous meal. The event and fun was not derailed by the fact that it was also a fund raising day towards the building of our permanent site. In all, the event was a huge success for the centre and also very captivating as some Nigerian Artistes Modele and Tim Godfrey entertained the audience with their individual songs. The event was capped off with presentation of awards to her Excellency (Mrs.) Adefulire Adejoke Orelope, Monalisa Chinda, Mrs. Queen Onalaja, GTBank, Mr. Tayo Aderinokun and other individuals that have contributed immensely to the success of the centre. The centre officially closed on the 16th December, 2011 with a thanksgiving service held at the centre with some of our parents in attendance.  

Training In Ghana

The first West Africa Global Autism Project was held at the Kama conference centre, Labone, Accra, the capital city of Ghana between April 7th and 9th 2011. The theme of the conference was International Autism Policies and Practices (IAPP). The programme was organized in collaboration with Autism Awareness Care and Training (AACT), Teachers without Borders (TWB), Awaawaa2 and Multikids Academy. The conference targeted a wide range of participants including doctors, special educators, behavior analysts, speech therapists, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, parents, caregivers, university students, policy makers, community members and representatives of leading international autism organizations. The staffs of Patrick Speech and Languages Centre (PSLC) amongst others were in attendance and the proprietress, Mrs. Dotun Akande gave a speech on THE FOUNDATION OF THE FIRST AUTISM CENTRE IN NIGERIA. Other international speakers spoke on different topics and techniques on ABA (Applied Behavioral Analysis), ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorders) and an overview of Nigerian children with speech disorder was given by Mrs. Helen Nwanze (College of Medicine, University of Lagos, Nigeria. The training conference ended with a lot of fun at the Dubois Centre on the 10th April 2011. The event was a memorable one as the attendees were thrilled by the dance performance of the Pacesetters of PSLC a Nigerian performance group and the chosen vessels choir of the Ghanaian performance group. In conclusion, the occasion ended with TWB SCHOLARSHIP AWARDS and all participants of the seminar were awarded a certificate of attendance.  


AT MUSON Centre, Onikan, Lagos


Our Ijebu- Ode Campers are back and they had so much fun! Each day starts with physical fitness exercises and then personal hygiene. Activities did include speech therapy, Daily living skills, Painting, Cognitive and Motor skills. We also went to Otunba Dipo Dina International stadium in Ijebu Ode daily for physical activities. Activities culminated with a visit to the popular Olumo rock at Abeokuta, Ogun state. The children played around the rock and also took some pictures. It was such an awesome time and a wonderful experience for both the children and staff being outside the school and home environment.


The training programme for the parent of our children at the centre was held on Friday, May 22, 2015. This training focused on UNDERSTANDING BEHAVIOUR. It was facilitated by Dr (Mrs.) Asikhia and well attended by parents. The platform was used to equip the parents with necessary information and strategies involve in checkmating challenging behaviour.


Hands on Autism is a training organized by Autism South Africa (ASA ) and the Johannesburg Hospital School to equip educators with skills and knowledge on how to work with children living with autism. The training was held in Johannesburg Hospital School on the 27th of July to 1st of August, 2015. The training was a combination of theoretical and practical applications. It covered proven practical techniques such as typical development, positive behavioural support, and observation, use of Makaton, TEACCH and PECS. The training will be of great benefit to the centre because it will educate therapist on how best to work with children especially in the area of communication. It elaborates on how to aid an individual mode of communication through the use of Makaton, pecs and words. It gives an overview on how physical layout, work system, schedule and visual structure should be organized in order to aid a learner’s independent functioning. The creation of work station in the classroom where individual child can work on mastered skill without adults’ support to help develop vocational skills will also be of great use and value to the centre. We were also made to see the importance of the use of TEACCH techniques, as this gives children living with autism better understanding and help them to learn easily and efficiently. The facilitators tried their best to impact knowledge and skills to the learners, but the explanation was not really broad and comprehensive due to short time allocated to each section this should be put into cognizance next time. We really appreciate the Management for giving us the opportunity to attend the training. It exposed us more on how best to work with children living with Autism. Once again we express our gratitude to the management. Funmi and Christy.  


This term children’s day out which is an essential part of social skill building, is aimed at increasing social interactions amongst the children at the centre. It took place on the 19th of June, 2015 at Parkland, Maryland Ikeja, Lagos. The children bought tokens to go on rides of their choice. The younger children got to ride on the carousel amidst other fun activities, having fun while working on their gross motor skills. The older children were equally not left out in the fun as they took part in an exciting game of aiming at the basketball net. It was a thrilling experience and also an opportunity for them to improve on their social and cognitive skills. After enjoying a very sumptuous meal and taking a group photograph to commemorate the event, the children and staff returned to the centre. It was a wonderful and fun- filled day for the children, staff and few of our parents that attended.


The Autism Society of West Africa (ASWA) is global network of individual and organizations involve with Autism Spectrum Disorder support in West Africa. The theme for this year conference was Accra Autism Conference: A Parent’s Perspective which was held at Best Western Premiere Hotel, Accra, Ghana between 24th and 25th April 2015. Two staff of Patrick Speech and Languages Centre attended the conference and our quarterly fliers, newsletters and movies on autism awareness such as Silver Lining, Emere and Maid were distributed at the venue.


Vlisco group designs, produces and distributes fashion fabrics for the West and Central African market. Founded in Helmond, The Netherlands, in 1846. The success of Vlisco Women’s Month in previous years motivated the brand to continue the celebration of inspiring women of West and Central Africa during the whole month of March. This year’s theme is LIVE THE DREAM, a tribute to women who have the courage to turn their dreams into reality, despite the challenges they face in their daily lives. Vlisco nominated three women in Nigeria for Vlisco Women’s Month Awards 2015. The honourees include: Mrs Itoro Eze-Anaba, the founder of Mirabel Centre, a foundation set up to provide rehabilitation for rape victims. Mrs Dotun Akande, the founder and proprietress of Patrick Speech and Languages Centre, is centre for children living with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) and other related developmental challenges the first of its kind in Nigeria. Miss Tolulope Sangosanya, who is an energetic award winner of the Future Award for Best Use of Advocacy on her philanthropic works with children. The winner, who became a Vlisco brand ambassador for 2015 was revealed during the Vlisco Women’s Month Award Night held on the 26th of April at the Federal Palace hotel Victoria Island, in Lagos and our dear MRS. AKANDE has been honour the Ambassador of VLISCO WOMEN’S AWARD 2015. We are delighted to have PSLC at the forefront of Autism Awareness.


The annual sports competition of Patrick Speech and Languages Centre was held on 27th February, 2015 at Ketu Special Children Centre. Pupils, staff and parents were all dressed in their various sports wear to show the houses they belong to. At Patrick’s, three houses are in operation and these are Crystal House (Green), Diamond House (Yellow House) and Treasure House (Red). The programme started with an opening prayer by Mrs. Ogidi who was one of our parents. The event was graced by a Special Guest of Honour (Mrs. Fadairo), the Director of Poverty Alleviation and Programme, Lagos State. The inter house sport competition was anchored by Mrs. Sebanjo and Miss Funmi. The event was officially opened by Mr. Murphy who was one of the coaches for the day. The sport day event was filled with activities like running, throwing of balls, picking of balls, tyre race, walking race, lego building, fill in the bottle and catching the train. Patrick Speech and Languages Centre children, staff and parents were really excited and one could rightly see the jubilation and excitement in the air as people are being called out to participate in each of these activities. The invited schools present include: The Learning Place, Ketu Special Children Centre, and Children Developmental Centre who in turn participated in almost all the above listed events. Moreso, our amiable parents and staff are not left out in participating in the different activities. Medals were presented to athletes who participated in each of these activities. In all, the participants of Treasure House came out as the champion of the event and they were presented with a Golden Trophy for their excellent performance; while Diamond House came second and Crystal House came third. The programme was a huge success and everyone present was treated to a sumptuous meal. The event was brought to an end with a vote of thanks by the Head of School, Mr. Bidemi Yinusa.

Training on Learning, Speech Preference and Self-Regulation In Autism

As part of the yearly tradition to train the staff and the public as a whole about what is new in the Autism world, Patrick Speech and Languages Centre took the bold step to invite HEATHER MACKENZIE, Ph.D. a Canadian Speech-Language Pathologist and Educator to carry out a two day workshop on SPEECH, LEARNING PREFERENCE & SELF REGULATION IN AUTISM. The training took place on the 12th and 13th March, 2014 with different topics for each day. Learning Preference and Strengths in Autism / Self regulation, resilience and awareness in individuals with autism. The training lasted for 4hrs and 23 participants were in attendance including therapist and parents. The aim of the training was to build and to enhance the skills needed to help the individual living with autism reach his or her full potentials. From the 14th -17th she than went to different classes at the centre and also had one-on-one session on 18th – 19th 2014 with parents and facilitators on issues concerning their kids/pupils living with autism. We got feedback from one of our parent who attended the training program she said the training was creative and reminds her of how to stay calm when dealing with her son and also helps her to understand him better. Activities of the therapist were commended and areas that needed additional adjustment were noted as well, most especially in the area of visuals. To crown it all Certificate of attendance were given to the participants.

Special Olympic Sports Day 2014

The Special Olympic Sports day which usually comes up biannually to mark the autism awareness day by Special Olympic took place at Patrick Speech and Languages centre, being the first and the leading centre in early intervention programme for individual living with autism marked the day with series of sport activities. The school compound was well prepared and decorated to suit the events. The event started at exactly 11am, on April 2nd 2014. The children were smartly dressed in their sport wears to display their skills in various athletes to the audience. The programme was organized by Special Olympic officials, though Guaranty Trust Bank Plc, Blazing Trails Team, Parents, and the Medias were also present to mark this great event. Mrs. Obiagwu opened the event with a short prayer after which the athletes assembled themselves for the national anthem which was led by Segun Talabi and Chidinma Nwanaju. The welcome address was read by Mrs. Dotun Akande, the Proprietress of the Centre while she further called on Mr. Adeola an official of Special Olympics to talk more on the event. He emphasised on the special skills possessed by individuals with special needs and how they can be helped to maximize their potentials just like what we are doing on this day, he further said it is from event like this that representatives are selected to represent Nigeria in foreign countries. Courage and Abiodun carried and lit the Special Olympics torch. The officials at the event are Adewuyi Oluwaseun, Mufutau Ayansola, Bidemi Yinusa, Christy Ejenavi and Funmi Fagbemi. The pupils participated in various events such as; 100m dash, walking race, lego building, tyre race, throwing of balls, obstacle course and long jump. The pupils won several medals for themselves ranging from bronze, silver and gold. The fun and the excitement cannot be hidden as the parents were also called to perform in some of the games such as throwing of balls, though most of their balls were off target. Ceceline who was one of the children at the centre, age eight made an outstanding performance by winning the highest medals at this year Special Olympic 2014 and was able to secure a chance to represent the centre at the state level. The event lasted for about three hours, Mrs. Dotun Akande appreciated the effort put into each activity by the pupils, and she also thanked everyone present for making the Special Olympic Sports Day a memorable one. The circle of friendship song was anchored by Mrs. Makinde after which all the participants formed a big circle and danced around it for some minutes to end the event. A member of the Blazing Trail team said the closing prayer.

Children’s Day Outing

This term children’s day out which is an essential part of social skill building, is aimed at increasing social interactions amongst the children at the centre. It took place on the 20th of June, 2014 at Whao Funland, Omole Estate, Phase 1, Ikeja, Lagos. The children bought tokens to go on rides of their choice. The younger children got to ride on the carousel amidst other fun activities, having fun while working on their gross motor skills. The older children were equally not left out in the fun as they took part in an exciting game of aiming at the basketball net. It was a thrilling experience and also an opportunity for them to improve on their social and cognitive skills. After enjoying a very sumptuous meal and taking a group photograph to commemorate the event, the children and staff returned to the centre. It was a wonderful and fun- filled day for the children, staff and few of our parents that attended.

Demystifying Autism

The programe commenced at exactly 7pm with beautiful musical rendition by the band who lightened the atmosphere with the blend of old and new instrumentals. The programme kicked-off properly with the opening prayers and immediately after an emotional speech by the President of Pure Souls Learning Foundation and Patrick Speech and Languages Centre, Mrs. Dotun Akande. A documentary tittled ‘Emere‘ which is a short film based on the myths, truth and realities of Autism was shown and attentive audience was very responsive to the film. Moments later, the perfectly blended picture slide of ‘Faces of Autism‘ was introduced and it truly sent the inner messages of Autistic People through those slides. Open-teeth, the popular comedian came on board to add spice to the event and also humour by carving funny jokes from every aspect of life. Awards were given to our supporters as well as individuals that have actively and positively complemented the Awareness of Autism in Nigeria. Foods (local and continental) were on ground. Audiences were ushered to the food points available in a coordinated manner. The gala night reached climax with the give–away by organisers of the show from gift items to free return tickets to local and international destinations. Demystifying Autism Gala Awards night was creative and massive with people from all works of life in attendance, the Deputy Governor of Lagos State was duly represented, commissioners and professionals. The only word that came out from some of the attendees is ‘Awesome‘.

Talent In Autism Show

Talents in Autism show, a yearly event by Patrick Speech and Languages Center was held at The Incubator, Yesufu Abiodun, Victoria Island in Lagos State, on the 8th of December, 2013 at 2:00pm. The programme started at exactly 3.00pm with an opening prayer by Mr. Olufunmbi Adeeko a staff at Patricks, followed by the recitation of the national anthem. There was an alphabet display by the children at the Center. This was followed by a bible recitation by Mr. Segun who one of the children at the Center, welcome address was given by Mrs. Adedotun Akande (the proprietress of Patrick Speech and Languages Center). Presentations were made by our children and these include the cheorography by Andrea and friends on a popular song titled ‘Ijoba Orun‘, Courage and friends also presented a fashion parade which showcased five out of the ethnic group dancers as well as their attires and some children were also dressed in various professional uniforms. Other presentations include the drama on the birth of Jesus, the staff dance ‘Skelewu‘, special piano presentations by Ore-ofe Osisanmi and Josphine. The green and orange class presented a dance as well. Some of our verbal children recited memory verse and were applauded by the audience. Delegates from Media Houses such as Television Media, ONTV, NTA and VANGUARD NEWSPAPER were also present to cover the events. The Proprietress of Patrick’s and some of the parents were interviewed on this special occasion. The event was capped with the sales of our children’s craft work, the vocational material such as bed sheets, throw pillow, puff stools and beads were all sold out. The programme was really an interesting one and everybody present had a nice time. The event was brought to an end with a vote of thanks by Mr. Agbolade Akande and Mrs. Obiagwu said the closing prayer.

Autism Spectrum Disorder Training

This year’s Autism Spectrum Disorder Seminar was organized by Guaranty Trust Bank courtesy of their orange ribbon. The seminar was a two-day training programme held on 13th march and 14th march, 2012 at the Bespoke centre, km 18 Lekki-Ajah Expressway, Lagos. The orange ribbon is an annual programme to create autism awareness, educate and equip parents living with Autistic children, caregivers, therapist and teachers with knowledge of how to work with these children so as to be successful individuals. The seminar comprises team of facilitators from the United State (UK) who spoke on various topic which is of advantages to the participants and to tap into knowledge, some basic skills and method in working with children with autism. The areas in which each facilitator spoke on various topics are as follows: Textures for teaching manipulation across the curriculum by Mr. Frank Glover (M.ED) Portfolio management on how to document your research findings by Dr. Adeola Fayemi Vocational awareness and preparing for adulthood by Dr. Anna Lamikanra. The purpose of the seminar was to ensure continuous societal awareness about Autism Spectrum Disorder, to stimulate advocacy establishment of comprehensive and inclusive school for affected children as well as integrate centre for adults, to sponsor, support and protect the right of individuals living with developmental disabilities. To encourage government and practice organization to fund research in Autism and to re-orientate societal thinking regarding the fallacies concerning ASD. Based on these grand, people living with Autism and those having them will be able to love and care for them the more if proper information is carried out.

Autism Assessment for Children

GTBank Autism Resource program 2012 with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorders) professionals from the USA (United States of America) organized a one-on-one assessment session for children with Autism and other related disabilities through partnership with Patrick Speech and Languages Centre (PSLC) on March 9th, 10th and 12th, 2012 at 13b, Remi Fanikayode Street, GRA, Ikeja, Lagos. Consultants that assessed the children during the period of assessment were Dr. Lawrence Sutton – Manager, Bureau of Autism, Director, Western Region of the Commonwealth of Pennsylania USA, Dr. Anna Lamikanra, Executive Director, Blazing Trails International Centre, Texas USA, Mrs. Kristen, Volosky, MBA.M.ED, Director of Services for Wesley Spectrum Services, USA, Mrs. Taramoni Muldrew, Clark, Commonunication Specialist, Texas, USA., Mr. Terrance Sheffey, Community Outreach Coordinator Family Behavioural Resouces, USA, Mrs. Kristine Sheffey, MSV, Director of Development, Autism Education Research Institute, USA and Dr. Camalyn Woodard Gaines, USA. A lot of parents came from different geo-political zone and their children were assessed in different areas cutting across speech, behavior, vocational and physical therapy. After the whole exercise the parents filled a feedback form and their responses were quite encouraging. Some parents advised for a reoccurrence of this exercise from time to time.

Valentine Day Celebration

The Valentine Day Celebration, an annual event at Patrick Speech and Languages Centre (PSLC), organized to foster social interaction amongst our children at the centre went off without a hitch. This year’s celebration was in a class of its own as the children had an incredibly fun-filled day. The party commenced at about 11:00am with an opening prayer by Mr. Ayodeji Osidipe, one of the staff in the centre. The children all looking resplendent in red and white attire kicked off the event with a free style dance and a lot of other social activities including blowing of balloons and different dancing competitions, all the winners of the various competitions received fantastic prizes The staff of Patrick Speech and Languages Centre (PSLC) equally had a great time as they participated in a staff dance and balloon games where they were prompted to provide answers to questions pulled out of a balloon. The wonderful day was rounded off with a group photograph of the children and staff and everyone rocked out to good music supplied by the D.J.

Official Red Carpet Photos From “Silver Lining’ Premiere

The Premiere of ‘Silver Lining’; the short film on Autism was held on Sunday, 27th May 2012 with much fanfare. It was a beautiful evening of fun, laughter, tears, sober reflection and much hope! The event took place at 10A Ikoya street, off MacPherson street, Ikoyi and had guests were treated to a lovely movie produced by Emem Isong and Uduak Oguamanam for the Patrick Speech and Languages Centre. Proprietress of the Centre, Mrs Dotun Akande, could not hide her delight at the successful turn out at the event. ‘I’m thankful to God for making this event possible. We have been holding events for some years now but this marks a number of firsts; the first time we are premiering a film in conjunction with my good friends in Nollywood (Royal Arts) and the first time a film has been shot on the subject of Autism in Nigeria. It is my hope that it brings awareness about the condition in Nigeria’. The film stars are Monalisa Chinda, Whoba Ogo, Obiora Olife, etc. It was directed by Tom Robson. Those present at the event were people from the corporate world, NGO’s, as well as from the film industry Nollywood.

Olympic Day Competition

The sport day was held on the 31st May, 2012 at Patrick speech and languages centre in collaboration with Special Olympics Nigeria (SON). The event started at exact 11.30am with an opening prayer said by one of our parents Mrs. Ezeji. Followed by the National anthem lead by Exalt Ebenezer a staff of Patrick Speech and Language Centre. The event was declared opened by the proprietress of the centre, Mrs. Dotun Akande leading the special presenter; Miss Chindinma Nwanaju (athlete) to recite the special Olympic oat which says ‘LET ME WIN, BUT IF I CANNOT, LET ME BE BRAVE AT THE ATTEMPT’. After which the touch run, carried by Master Azeem Asubiaro finally declared the event open. The event featured a total number of 30 athletes (male and female) participating in the following sporting event; Athletics (100m walk m/f, 100m dash m/f), throwing of balls, tyre race, Lego building and filling in the bottle. The athletes and coaches matched to the sport field to begin the race. Each athlete participated in one sporting event or the other. It was indeed a fun filled day as the athlete capped the attention of the audience during the on time sporting activities. The competition came to an end at exact 12:55 pm with an award presentation. Each athlete was presented either a gold, silver or bronze medal. In all, everyone was served snacks after which a closing remark was taken by the head of school Mrs. Aanu Senbanjo.

Annual Cultural Day Celebration

The cultural day celebration took place on the 28th September, 2012. It is an annual event at Patrick Speech and Languages Centre (PSLC) which was organized to foster social interaction and cultural values among our children at the centre. This year’s celebration was fantastic as the children had a fun-filled day with an amazing cultural outlook. All the children were dressed in their different cultural attire. The children and therapists participated in the day’s event as they all performed their different cultural dances and also provided answers to questions as regards Nigeria Independence day celebration, all the winners received fantastic prizes. Finally the wonderful day was rounded off with a group photograph to commemorate the event

Talent in Autism Show 4

Talents in Autism Concert is a yearly event that creates a platform for the children and staff of Patrick Speech and Language Centre to show case their unique talent in different areas. This year’s talent in Autism Show, in its fourth edition, took place at The Incubator, Yesufu Abiodun, Victoria Island in Lagos State, on the 9th December, 2012 at 2pm. The event started at exactly 3pm with an opening prayer by Mr. Olufunmbi Adeeko, a staff at Patricks, followed by the national anthem, school anthem and welcome song led by the children of Patricks. There was an alphabet display with makathon (a symbolic way of using signs for communication purposes) by the children while the piano played at the background by Oreofe Osisami, one of our children at the Centre (Michael Jackson’s Heal the world). A welcome address was given by Mrs. Dotun Akande and the drama commenced, presented by the staff of Patricks. The drama was displayed in scenes about a wonderful story of how two people fell in love, following the trend of marriage and child birth. They lived through the challenges of discovering their autistic child and overcoming the challenge. In between the drama scenes, friends of Patricks from Barachel Model College, Iju Ishaga, Lagos, presented a placard display titled – We are one before God. Peter sax played the sax instrument , giving us a feel of musical thrills. Video clips from the award winning short movie on autism titled ‘Silver Lining’ were shown as well as picture clips from the last edition of Talent in Autism show. There were three performances by our children in the blue, orange, pink and green classes. Also, piano presentations were rendered by Tomi Balogun ‘Mary had a little lamp’, Segun Talabi ‘Holy Holy Holy’. Some of our verbal children recited memory verses and the audience applauded them. The event was graced by some dignitaries and Patricks special guest such Mr. Adeola Oladugba from Special Olympics Nigeria, a representative of the Chairman of SUBEB in person of Mrs. Bunmi Oteju, Mr. Kerry Brooks of Autism 2 awesome. Delegates from Media Houses such as Ontv, Elizabeth from NTA 2 Channel 5, Print Media, Punch Newspaper and Vanguard Newspaper were present to cover the events. The Proprietress of Patricks, Therapists, Guests and even the students of Patricks were interviewed on this occasion. The event was capped with the auctioning of our children’s craft work which was an amazing part of this event. The vocational materials such as bed sheets shirts, throw pillows, puff stools, beads, wooden penny safe, were all sold out. Everybody present wanted to have at least an item from our children’s vocational work and they all supported us by buying these materials. This brought a close to this even and the vote of thanks was said by Miss Ayodotun Akande and Mrs. Ezeji said the closing prayer. This year’s edition of Talent in Autism show was a huge success as a lot of our younger children that could not display their talents in the previous years were able to show case their potentials and skills

Autism Spectrum Disorder Seminar

The seminar was organized by GTBank courtesy of their Orange Ribbon Initiative which aims to give hope and making a difference. The seminar was held at the Westown Hotel, Sheraton-Opebi link road, Ikeja, Lagos. It was a two- day training programme which was held on March 23rd and 24th, 2011. The Orange Ribbon Initiative was primarily established to promote awareness and support children with developmental disabilities within Nigeria. It was also set up to train teachers from various special schools, caregivers and parents of children with special needs. We had speakers on various topics such as Curriculum Review by Mr. Frank Glover, Developing the Support Network by Mrs. Tracey Wasai, Using ALS to Communicate by Mrs. Tara Muldrew-Clark, Higher Education Programmes and Careers for individuals with Autism by Dr Anna Lamikanra, Applied Behaviour Analysis for person with Autism by Mrs. Christine Sheffey, Planning for Transition by Dr Adeola Fayemi, Getting the right Diagnosis in Nigeria by Mr.Okey Martins Nwokolo, Using Math manipulatives in teaching the autistic by Dr Sonya Armstrong, ASL:Para- Professional Workshop by Mrs. Tara Muldrew-Clark, Visuals Processing VS. Auditory Technology Needs by Dr Marcus Tillery, Strategies for Socializing Children with Autism by Mr. Terrance Sheffey and Developing a parent guide for caretakers by Dr Adeola Fayemi. The training involved interactive sessions between the participants and the facilitators and also real life cases were deliberated upon. The two day training programme was of tremendous benefit to the attendees as they were able to broaden their knowledge about the subject matter.

Children’s Fun Day

The Patrick Speech and Languages Centre Fun Day was celebrated on the 13th February, 2011. Our children were taken out of the centre to Fun City at Ikorodu in Lagos State along side with their individual supervisors for maximum supervision. The fun started at about 10:30am in the morning by the M.C of the Fun City with dancing and introduction of individuals including some of our parents at the centre. Our functional children were given an opportunity at the place to display their enormous potentials and they engaged themselves in very challenging activities like aiming at the basket, free hand carrying of trays and hide and seek. Our younger children were equally not left out of the excitement as they also competed with each other in various activities such as dancing and dance around the chairs competitions. The therapists, our older children and parents available were the judges for the event and the M.C gave prizes to the various winners of the competitions. Finally the wonderful day was capped off with the children displaying their talents on the available toys and rides and dancing displays as the D.J thrilled parents, therapist and children present with good music. Refreshments were also made available and the children were returned to the centre in time to be picked up.

Children’s Day Outing

The Children’s day celebration, which has been a yearly event at Patrick Speech and Languages Centre (PSLC), came up on the 28th of May, 2011. It was organized to foster social awareness in our children at the centre as well as children from other schools This year children’s day was in a class of its own as the children had an incredibly fun-filled day. The programme commenced at about 2:00pm with an opening prayer said by Mrs. Adebayo, one of our parents in the centre. The children started out with a free style dance to prepare them for the activities of the day. A lot of social activities were undertaken by the children such as Lego building, water pouring games, dance competition, pause-dance, hide and seek game dance, round the chair, train rides, bouncing castle, and jumping on the trampoline. The day event was also fun-filled for the parents that were present as they participated in games like tray dance, balloon game where they provided answers to questions in the balloon. Afterwards the winners were given fantastic prizes. The therapists were not left out of the fun, as they competed with each other in the dance round the chair competition. Finally, the wonderful day was rounded off with dancing as the DJ thrilled all present with good music. Also an assortment of refreshment was made available for everyone to eat and take away.