Children’s Day Outing

Children’s Day Outing

This term children’s day out which is an essential part of social skill building, is aimed at increasing social interactions amongst the children at the centre. It took place on the 20th of June, 2014 at Whao Funland, Omole Estate, Phase 1, Ikeja, Lagos.

The children bought tokens to go on rides of their choice. The younger children got to ride on the carousel amidst other fun activities, having fun while working on their gross motor skills. The older children were equally not left out in the fun as they took part in an exciting game of aiming at the basketball net. It was a thrilling experience and also an opportunity for them to improve on their social and cognitive skills.

After enjoying a very sumptuous meal and taking a group photograph to commemorate the event, the children and staff returned to the centre. It was a wonderful and fun- filled day for the children, staff and few of our parents that attended.

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