Children’s Day Outing

Children’s Day Outing

The Children’s day celebration, which has been a yearly event at Patrick Speech and Languages Centre (PSLC), came up on the 28th of May, 2011. It was organized to foster social awareness in our children at the centre as well as children from other schools

This year children’s day was in a class of its own as the children had an incredibly fun-filled day. The programme commenced at about 2:00pm with an opening prayer said by Mrs. Adebayo, one of our parents in the centre.

The children started out with a free style dance to prepare them for the activities of the day. A lot of social activities were undertaken by the children such as Lego building, water pouring games, dance competition, pause-dance, hide and seek game dance, round the chair, train rides, bouncing castle, and jumping on the trampoline.

The day event was also fun-filled for the parents that were present as they participated in games like tray dance, balloon game where they provided answers to questions in the balloon. Afterwards the winners were given fantastic prizes.

The therapists were not left out of the fun, as they competed with each other in the dance round the chair competition.

Finally, the wonderful day was rounded off with dancing as the DJ thrilled all present with good music. Also an assortment of refreshment was made available for everyone to eat and take away.

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