The Pure Souls Learning Foundation training was held on 31st August, 2019 on the topic “Cooking healthy delicious food without artificial seasoning”. The aim of the training was to teach parents and caregivers on how to cook with natural seasoning.

The training started at exactly 10:30a.m.

The facilitator, Mrs. Tolu Ajose welcomed the participants and thanked them for sparing their time to attend the training. She made them to understand that she is going to start with prepping before the practical session. Instead of frying, she recommended grilling or roasting. She differentiated between natural seasoning and artificial seasoning and encouraged the participants to be using natural seasoning to cook especially the fermented ones because of the issues special needs children face with their guts. She further explained that fermented seasoning helps children to digest food well as they are probiotics and helps the guts to secrete cod friendly bacteria’s which help them digest their food.

The beauty of using Natural seasoning against Artificial seasoning is that:

a) Natural seasoning has healthy properties.

b) They help the hormones as cinnamon is a hormone balancer.

c) They help regulate the heart.

d) Turmeric and black pepper help in metabolism.

e) It is anti-inflammatory.

The facilitator went on to talk about “monosodium glutamate” as a compound that brings out umami taste. Umami taste is the 5th basic taste, and it is connected to the brain. It excites the brain cells, and also causes asthma attack in susceptible individuals.

The practical aspect was made up of cooking without artificial seasonings. She taught the participants how to make moi-moi, grilling of chicken and fish, cooking of melon soup, baking of chin-chin with banana flour.

She also introduced local semo (swallow from grains like sorghum, guinea corn, millet). The moi-moi, melon soup, and chin-chin were all tasted and enjoyed by the participants.

At the end of the training, participants understood how to make healthy foods using natural spices which can be found in local markets.

Thirteen participants were in attendance, and the training ended at exactly 4:00pm.

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