Hands on Autism is a training organized by Autism South Africa (ASA ) and the Johannesburg Hospital School to equip educators with skills and knowledge on how to work with children living with autism. The training was held in Johannesburg Hospital School on the 27th of July to 1st of August, 2015. The training was a combination of theoretical and practical applications. It covered proven practical techniques such as typical development, positive behavioural support, and observation, use of Makaton, TEACCH and PECS. The training will be of great benefit to the centre because it will educate therapist on how best to work with children especially in the area of communication. It elaborates on how to aid an individual mode of communication through the use of Makaton, pecs and words. It gives an overview on how physical layout, work system, schedule and visual structure should be organized in order to aid a learner’s independent functioning.

The creation of work station in the classroom where individual child can work on mastered skill without adults’ support to help develop vocational skills will also be of great use and value to the centre. We were also made to see the importance of the use of TEACCH techniques, as this gives children living with autism better understanding and help them to learn easily and efficiently. The facilitators tried their best to impact knowledge and skills to the learners, but the explanation was not really broad and comprehensive due to short time allocated to each section this should be put into cognizance next time. We really appreciate the Management for giving us the opportunity to attend the training. It exposed us more on how best to work with children living with Autism.

Once again we express our gratitude to the management. Funmi and Christy.


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