I could leave my children at school without heart palpitations; wondering if they were okay.

Patrick’s Speech and Language Therapy School served as lighthouse to my children and family at a time when we made the transition to Nigeria from the UK some years ago.

Following previous negative reactions to schooling, the Patrick’s experience re-ignited the love of schooling in my children, Ezinwa and Chinyerengozi. Witnessing my son’s eyes aglow as he solved a mathematical problem on the board, my own eyes misty with tears of joy. (*This was in Mr Murphy’s class, after I had said that I simply had to witness the teaching process to understand how my children had begun to make such big strides in the learning and understanding; it was truly an eye-opening experience!).

My children learned that boundaries are a good and necessary part of life, because the instruction at home was being reinforced at school and vice-versa .  The sense of isolation in parenting our special children was no longer the common experience and calmness and a palpable harmony was restored to our lives. I could leave my children at school without heart palpitations; wondering if they were okay.  As a parent it meant that once again I regained my life. God certainly used Patrick’s, to give my family and I some much needed ‘grace therapy’.

Although we have now left Lagos, I believe the foundation Patrick’s offered us cannot be measured by words.  I commend Dotun Akande, the proprietress, for her big hearted, motherly approach to the children and her lovely team for their sincere and empathetic commitment.   Although it is true that your reward is in heaven, I believe that all Patricks staff will reap some reward as well this side of heaven.  As you celebrate 10 years, continue to dream big; God is bigger and able to fulfill more than our biggest dreams. Those special children are to show forth his glory, they are his light and you are his lighthouse! Keep on shining!

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