About Us


A Centre where individuals living with Autism and other related developmental disorders are given opportunities by identifying their needs and supporting their individual strengths using evidence-based methods in achieving their full potentials.

Established in 2006, Patrick Speech and Languages Centre is a vision birth out of a burning desire to nurture and cater for the educational needs and social cum economic development of Children and Young Adults living with Autism.

Mrs Dotun Akande, the pioneer and brain behind the conception of this vision is on a mission to passionately commit to discovering, mentoring, nurturing and building the innate abilities in children and young adults living with Autism and other Neurodiverse condition.

One of our mantras which is “Teach me I can learn”, makes us see beyond the disability in every child. Thus, our passion is to equip and groom children with special needs and behavioural challenges, help them grow in every sense of life so they can be able to function independently and shine like the dazzling stars that they are.

Patrick as a whole has evolved and journeyed through growth with a resilient spirit, delivering and providing the best educational services with a range of qualified specialists and instructors who are skilled and equipped in providing the best therapeutic care and support to grooming children with neurological developmental disorder.

Our unrelenting commitment to service coupled with that of our teachers and parents has not only helped us in raising the bar when it comes to setting the pace and standard for other special needs schools to model after both locally and internationally but has earned us the prestige of a force behind special needs awareness in Nigeria.

 We continually and consistently build and evolve to become the best Centre that caters to the needs of children, adolescents and young adults with special abilities.


  • To provide specialized educational services for individuals living with Autism within and outside Nigeria.
  • To integrate child(ren) into mainstream schools to become self-confident learners.
  • To create awareness and support indigent families with children living with Autism and other developmental disabilities.
  • To provide employment opportunities for individuals with Special Needs.
  • To create vocational opportunities for special needs people that are struggling with educational challenges.
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