Training on Learning, Speech Preference and Self-Regulation In Autism

Training on Learning, Speech Preference and Self-Regulation In Autism

As part of the yearly tradition to train the staff and the public as a whole about what is new in the Autism world, Patrick Speech and Languages Centre took the bold step to invite HEATHER MACKENZIE, Ph.D. a Canadian Speech-Language Pathologist and Educator to carry out a two day workshop on SPEECH, LEARNING PREFERENCE & SELF REGULATION IN AUTISM.

The training took place on the 12th and 13th March, 2014 with different topics for each day. Learning Preference and Strengths in Autism / Self regulation, resilience and awareness in individuals with autism. The training lasted for 4hrs and 23 participants were in attendance including therapist and parents.

The aim of the training was to build and to enhance the skills needed to help the individual living with autism reach his or her full potentials. From the 14th -17th she than went to different classes at the centre and also had one-on-one session on 18th – 19th 2014 with parents and facilitators on issues concerning their kids/pupils living with autism. We got feedback from one of our parent who attended the training program she said the training was creative and reminds her of how to stay calm when dealing with her son and also helps her to understand him better.

Activities of the therapist were commended and areas that needed additional adjustment were noted as well, most especially in the area of visuals.

To crown it all Certificate of attendance were given to the participants.

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