Autism Spectrum Disorder Seminar

Autism Spectrum Disorder Seminar

The seminar was organized by GTBank courtesy of their Orange Ribbon Initiative which aims to give hope and making a difference.

The seminar was held at the Westown Hotel, Sheraton-Opebi link road, Ikeja, Lagos. It was a two- day training programme which was held on March 23rd and 24th, 2011.

The Orange Ribbon Initiative was primarily established to promote awareness and support children with developmental disabilities within Nigeria. It was also set up to train teachers from various special schools, caregivers and parents of children with special needs.

We had speakers on various topics such as Curriculum Review by Mr. Frank Glover, Developing the Support Network by Mrs. Tracey Wasai, Using ALS to Communicate by Mrs. Tara Muldrew-Clark, Higher Education Programmes and Careers for individuals with Autism by Dr Anna Lamikanra, Applied Behaviour Analysis for person with Autism by Mrs. Christine Sheffey, Planning for Transition by Dr Adeola Fayemi, Getting the right Diagnosis in Nigeria by Mr.Okey Martins Nwokolo, Using Math manipulatives in teaching the autistic by Dr Sonya Armstrong, ASL:Para- Professional Workshop by Mrs. Tara Muldrew-Clark, Visuals Processing VS. Auditory Technology Needs by Dr Marcus Tillery, Strategies for Socializing Children with Autism by Mr. Terrance Sheffey and Developing a parent guide for caretakers by Dr Adeola Fayemi.

The training involved interactive sessions between the participants and the facilitators and also real life cases were deliberated upon. The two day training programme was of tremendous benefit to the attendees as they were able to broaden their knowledge about the subject matter.

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